Better Futures for Kids

Together, we can create opportunities for children at risk


About us

Better Futures for Kids is a charitable group based in Ontario, Canada. The group consists purely of volunteers with the common goal of building a stronger community by providing enrichment opportunities to children and youth of all ages. Better Futures for Kids is a major advocate in education especially through music and building leadership skills. The group provides weekly music classes, free of charge for children and youth. In addition, Better Futures for Kids students then also participate in fundraising events such as musical concerts, salon services, bake sales, photo-shoots, artistic balloon making workshops, street fairs etc... to fund various causes such as the building schools, water wells, educational sponsorship and ShareLife campaign. These activities serve to empower youth with the importance of education and help them make better choices as leaders and positive role models to become more productive citizens, and thus, lead to safer schools and healthier communities.

“Better Futures For Kids Foundation strives to raise support and awareness for the underprivileged children in poor countries. 
Together, we can build a better future.”